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Discover Varenna

The beating heart of the village is its central square, overlooked by the Church of San Giorgio.
The building, dating from the thirteenth century, was built on the foundations of an ancient Roman temple and is one
splendid example of Lombard medieval architecture. A few steps away, on the opposite side of the
square, we can admire the Church of San Giovanni Battista, dating back to the eleventh century. Both of them
the religious buildings preserve, inside them, precious frescoes and some pictorial fragments of ancient ones
origins. Walking through the alleys that branch off from the historic center of Varenna, we arrive close to the lake and
we are fascinated by Villa Monastero: a suggestive architectural complex of the '500, once upon a time
convent of Cistercian nuns. Today it is one of the main tourist attractions, with its museum and house
the botanical gardens that host many plant species. Nearby is also Villa Cipressi,
testimony of the late Renaissance period. With its terraces that slope down to the lake, it offers the
perfect location to admire the view.

But the most romantic place in Varenna is undoubtedly the Lovers' Walk: a short one
arched metal walkway, covered with climbing plants which, in warm periods, turns into a
riot of colors and smells. The structure, set in the rock, overhangs the lake and leads up

at the landing stage. From here, the landscape offered by the small village is splendid, and behind it we can
admire also the Castle of Vezio, with its square tower. (WWW.SIVIAGGIA.IT)

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